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A Best Friend’s Wedding

As if receiving a Mission Call, dropping off my older Sister at the Missionary Training Center, and turning 20 all weren’t enough to handle in one week, my best friend of 7 years got married. I went the night before to have one last slumber party and to help out with all the last minute preparations, and I’m so glad I did!  I love the Angus family, and it felt like we were wee lassies once again.

It was the most beautiful November day I have ever seen, and I loved being able to be a part of Melissa and Jared’s big day!

AngusWeddingday006 AngusWeddingday030 copy AngusWeddingday033 copy AngusWeddingday037 copy AngusWeddingday038 copy AngusWeddingday039 copy AngusWeddingday044 copy AngusWeddingday056 copy AngusWeddingday067 copy AngusWeddingday071 copy AngusWeddingday088 copy AngusWeddingday091 copy AngusWeddingday097 copy AngusWeddingday099 copy AngusWeddingday108 copy AngusWeddingday110 AngusWeddingday128 copy AngusWeddingday141 copy AngusWeddingday153 copy AngusWeddingday155 copy AngusWeddingday193 copy AngusWeddingday199 copy AngusWeddingday203 copy AngusWeddingday206 copy AngusWeddingday210 copy AngusWeddingday213 copy AngusWeddingday215 copy AngusWeddingday224 copy AngusWeddingday225 copy AngusWeddingday228 copy AngusWeddingday230 copy

My day consisted of following these fellows around being the official bouquet/coat/bag holder.

My day consisted of following these fellows around being the official bouquet/coat/bag holder.

AngusWeddingday235 AngusWeddingday239 copy AngusWeddingday244 copy AngusWeddingday254 copy AngusWeddingday257 copy AngusWeddingday260 copy AngusWeddingday265 copy AngusWeddingday267 AngusWeddingday269 copy AngusWeddingday271 copy AngusWeddingday273 copy AngusWeddingday274 copy AngusWeddingday277 copy

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combined canyon

I am so lucky to live near two beautiful canyons! I love Fall!


Shoot of the week {Miss Jessica}

Luckily for me I have the greatest room mates who will do a photoshoot with me at the drop of a pin on a Saturday evening, but unluckily for me I have a camera whose battery is indecisive as to where it’s battery life is.  After taking out the battery and shaking it for each shot, this is what we ended up with:

And now for some that I just can’t choose my favorite one:


Either way- she was born in the wrong decade.

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{ANGUS engagement} Round 1

Once again, fate aligned and it worked out perfectly for me to go assist my Best Friend of 7 years to pick out a Wedding Gown and begin all the wedding preparations.  Somehow in the mix we were able to get some… “practice engagements” done.  Take a look at this new gorgeous couple:


I’m in love with this couple…


and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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A favor for a Friend of a Friend of a Friend… of a Friend

So once upon a time, there was an aspiring photographer who dreamed of doing great things.  One day, through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend (literally…) this photographer was asked to fill in very last minute to shoot a WEDDING.  Say what?!  After some heart-wrenching thinking the photographer accepted the challenge, without talking with the Bride herself.  Now, the day before the wedding, and one phone call later filled with some uncertainty, this photographer reluctantly and nervous shot this wedding…. and 768 photos later here’s some samples of the day we like to call ‘photographer’s remorse’:

(click on the first image to enlarge into full-screen format)


At least I got a yummy Lion House meal out of it.

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