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YEE-HAW YA’ALL! Bug and Jared are Married!

And so the celebrations continued, long into the night.

AngusWeddingday279 AngusWeddingday280 AngusWeddingday287 AngusWeddingday291 AngusWeddingday304 AngusWeddingday313 AngusWeddingday315 DSC_0318 DSC_0321 DSC_0328 DSC_0330 DSC_0333 DSC_0338 DSC_0357 DSC_0367 DSC_0374 DSC_0375 DSC_0379 DSC_0380 DSC_0384 DSC_0390 DSC_0395 DSC_0397 DSC_0401 DSC_0415 DSC_0416 DSC_0420 DSC_0438 DSC_0450 DSC_0451

I was obsessed with her flowers.

I was obsessed with her flowers.

DSC_0478 DSC_0481 DSC_0482 DSC_0487 DSC_0495 DSC_0505 DSC_0541 DSC_0547

Endless Congrats to the newly-wed Vogelsberg’s!

May your grilled cheese be plentiful, and the cookies never ending.
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A Best Friend’s Wedding

As if receiving a Mission Call, dropping off my older Sister at the Missionary Training Center, and turning 20 all weren’t enough to handle in one week, my best friend of 7 years got married. I went the night before to have one last slumber party and to help out with all the last minute preparations, and I’m so glad I did!  I love the Angus family, and it felt like we were wee lassies once again.

It was the most beautiful November day I have ever seen, and I loved being able to be a part of Melissa and Jared’s big day!

AngusWeddingday006 AngusWeddingday030 copy AngusWeddingday033 copy AngusWeddingday037 copy AngusWeddingday038 copy AngusWeddingday039 copy AngusWeddingday044 copy AngusWeddingday056 copy AngusWeddingday067 copy AngusWeddingday071 copy AngusWeddingday088 copy AngusWeddingday091 copy AngusWeddingday097 copy AngusWeddingday099 copy AngusWeddingday108 copy AngusWeddingday110 AngusWeddingday128 copy AngusWeddingday141 copy AngusWeddingday153 copy AngusWeddingday155 copy AngusWeddingday193 copy AngusWeddingday199 copy AngusWeddingday203 copy AngusWeddingday206 copy AngusWeddingday210 copy AngusWeddingday213 copy AngusWeddingday215 copy AngusWeddingday224 copy AngusWeddingday225 copy AngusWeddingday228 copy AngusWeddingday230 copy

My day consisted of following these fellows around being the official bouquet/coat/bag holder.

My day consisted of following these fellows around being the official bouquet/coat/bag holder.

AngusWeddingday235 AngusWeddingday239 copy AngusWeddingday244 copy AngusWeddingday254 copy AngusWeddingday257 copy AngusWeddingday260 copy AngusWeddingday265 copy AngusWeddingday267 AngusWeddingday269 copy AngusWeddingday271 copy AngusWeddingday273 copy AngusWeddingday274 copy AngusWeddingday277 copy

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Sisar Clifford’s Last Week in the 84010

Remember this post?  Way back in July?  Well it happened, and I can’t even believe it came that quickly.

I came down for one last Sister Saturday, which we filled with all of the Clifford Sister’s favorites: Just Dance 2,3, and 4; Keeping Up with the Kardashians; our favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls and The OC (Chrismakka of course);  crawled in my bed for a final viewing of our all-time favorite Harry Potter 3; and ended the night by staying up until the wee hours of the mourning viewing One Direction and Justin Bieber’s videos.


On November 11th, the celebrations (for lack of a better word) began for Sisar Clifford’s farewell….


A blizzard worthy of Finland.

DSC_0005 DSC_0020 DSC_0025 DSC_0029 DSC_0031 IMG_0446

Sister Clifford did an incredible job giving her farewell talk, with lots of cool stories of her cool adventures, and continually mentioned how ready she was to get out of Logan (much to my offense).  I held up surprisingly well, until she announced to the public I would be receiving my mission call that week, at which I felt the entire congregation turn and stare at my face. It took a good deal of strength not to curl up into the fetal position and bawl at that point.  Not because Kamille was leaving, but because I had realized that I was not as mentally prepared with the thought of leaving as I thought I was.  But It was exciting to come back to our house and celebrate Kamille’s decision to serve with all our friends and family.
The next few days were full of last minute shopping trips and goodbyes, all while trying to get her packed for the next 18 months of freezing weather in Finland.  Unfortunately I still had school and work that kept me in Logan until Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean that I necessarily got much done.  Tuesday night turned out to be a crazy one, with some unexpected (but hoped for) events- soon to be posted about.  But it was exactly what my family needed to take the edge off of this new adventure we were about to embark.
Last Family Dinner at the one and only China Platter.  Any major event in our life has been marked by this restaurant.

Last Family Dinner at the one and only China Platter. Any major event in our life has been marked by this restaurant.

Thanks to her time abroad in Asia she insisted showing us up with the chopsticks.

After all of our friends and family left, and only minutes  before we were supposed to be leaving to get set apart, Kamille called Maddy and I up to her room where she presented us with some lovely t-shirts sporting the saying ‘You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful’ in which we donned and had one last dance party (while sobbing) to the ever-comforting One Direction.
First official photo as a Missionary!
First official photo as a Missionary!


One last photo at 3448 S. Huntington Dr.

One last photo at 3448 S. Huntington Dr.

DSC_0080 DSC_0079 DSC_0078DSC_0086

Her final request.
Her final request. 

… and with one final photo Sisar Clifford was off for her next adventure!  We love her and miss her everyday.  It’s a miracle that my Dad has stopped crying a month later.  But I think the packages he sends her weekly is a nice medication for the both of them.DSC_0119

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combined canyon

I am so lucky to live near two beautiful canyons! I love Fall!


Latest Design


Thanks to boredom, school, or favours, I have been practicing my design skills quite a bit lately.  This should be an exciting year for my style and skills to develop.  So here we are:  Design Post Numero Uno.

Family Reunion T-shirt

Bridal Shower Invitation

Travel Blog Header

British Pictograms


{ANGUS engagement} Round 1

Once again, fate aligned and it worked out perfectly for me to go assist my Best Friend of 7 years to pick out a Wedding Gown and begin all the wedding preparations.  Somehow in the mix we were able to get some… “practice engagements” done.  Take a look at this new gorgeous couple:


I’m in love with this couple…


and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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Called to Serve…

My older sister is pretty neat.


So maybe super neat.  Possibly even Brilliantly Neato.  She’s quite the adventurer.  6 weeks in Uganda, 6 months in Taiwan, and 2 weeks in Hong Kong and Thailand.  Not too shabby ‘eh?  But last week the biggest adventure thus far was officially determined- and we couldn’t be more THRILLED.

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, going on ‘missions’ is encouraged for the young-adults of the church.  Through Kamille’s experience in Taiwan she decided that going to serve the Lord was what she was supposed to do next.  After a long and complicated process of putting in her papers in Asia, her call was supposedly on the way.  Her arrival back into the US also meant that any day (well, we’d expect a Wednesday..) her call could jump out of the mailbox.  The only problem?  My parents weren’t exactly on this continent at the estimated time of arrival.  So we had a plan to let her do whatever she wanted with it.

So, when I walked in from work one afternoon to Kamille reading what seemed to be a large packet with a picture of a baptism in front, it obviously could only be one thing-                                           THE CALL.

You could say it was one of the more awkward and uncomfortable situations I’ve faced in my kitchen. It was an inner battle of “Do I ask her?  Should I pretend I didn’t notice her shoving it under her backpack with wide eyes?  Does she want to talk about it?  What in the heck is going on, I just want my nutella!”  Eventually, she explained the sitch.

Her call had been there for a week, and hid it as to not be tempted to open it without our parents.  One week couldn’t kill, right? WRONG. But she still didn’t open it…. until she received a SECOND smaller envelope in the mail a week later.  Now, any straight-minded person would be at least somewhat concerned as to what the second envelope contained.  So naturally, she pulled it out of the mailbox and BAM right through the envelope she saw in big letters “********,*******”; which led her to an extremely hard decision as to whether or not she she tell my sister and I to help surprise the parents, or to wait and tell us all together.  She broke, and and told us where she would be serving for the next 18 months come November 21st, 2012.  She videoed our reactions, but considering I am hysterically sobbing into my palms for the majority of it, I think I’ll pass every posting that baby to the internet.

The next step was deciding how to tell my parents.  It was absolute KILLER not being able to tell anyone for 24 hours, but it just made telling my parents all the sweeter!  If the church knew how many people we had to lie to about her call… I think they’d revoke it.  Our original plan was to have a display with native items and the flag to her country, but after our parents caught a flight that got in 5 hours earlier we decided to surprise them as they came down baggage claim.  However, my Dad  was the first to come down and completely surpassed us; until he heard my mother squealing from the top of the escalator and basically jumping over the poor bystanders.  Seriously one of my favorite memories of my family of all time.  Unfortunately, I got too preoccupied and the video isn’t the greatest.  But I had never been so thrilled for my sister and to see my parents so shocked and confused but completely overwhelmed with joy at the same time.  It rocked.

Soon after the baggage was picked up, the car loaded, and many squeals/hugs/tears were shed in the middle of the Salt Lake City baggage claim we were on our way dinner.  Where Kamille informed us that she couldn’t hold it in any longer and that she had invited friends and family over to surprise them with the exciting news.. in an hour.  Great planning, Koke.  It all turned out great and i’ve never enjoyed watching people’s reactions as much as I did that night. But who could blame them?!  Her call is so unbelievingly random, yet so crazingly perfect.

So where is she going?

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Class of 2011… One year later


How was that one year ago today? I swear it was only this morning I was getting ready to go to my first prom. That week was one of the funnest, craziest, exciting, nerve-wrecking, exhausting, thrilling, and emotionally draining week of my life.

I LOVED High School. It changed my life, or more like sculpted it to what I want it to be. The memories, connections, experiences, and friends that were made are priceless to me, and worth every blood, sweat, and tear. Mostly tears.

These pictures are some of my favorite pictures of all time. It was such a great day!












I miss these kids, this town, my family, and the feeling of normalcy. I can’t wait to go back for the summer and have part of my childhood back!

I remember sitting in my seat with my cap and gown in my hand listening to my best friends’ speak about the future and where it would take us. I think mine has turned out even better than I could have dreamt in one year.

First off- who knew that I would be spending my one year mark in the freaking Alps. I mean I have most definitely dreamt about an experience like this since I was breathing, but not now and not like this, as an Art Major. That was definitely never part of any of my plans.


Second- I knew I was going to love being an Aggie, but I didn’t think it was going to be this incredible!


Third- I never thought I could get find such fantastic people as I did in high school. However, I became obsessed with a group of girls I like to call my Bestie Roomies. They’ve surpassed anything I’ve ever known.



Fourth- I had no idea how infatuated I could be with a group of people. But seriously. These kids, this program, this school, this community, and their inspiring love has taught me more than I can say. Being an Ambassador is still unreal to me, and this program still amazes me everyday. They won me over from day 1.




Looking back, my life has been so incredibly blessed in more ways than I know. Year One has been incredible, but I can’t wait to see what Year Two brings.

Once a Wildcat. Always a Wildcat.

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Madeline Jo Clifford: A tribute

Although I rarely say it, my two sisters mean more than anything to me.


And tomorrow the littlest one graduates from good old Woods Cross High School. Know what that means? The Clifford sisters’ are all in the real world, and more importantly that as a family we survived the public school system. I have a feeling that these next few years are going to be incredible for the Clifford family.




With the departure of the oldest to Taiwan, it’s been a long five months. I think Maddy and I are more than ready to have Kamille back to guide us into the world of music and pop culture gossip once again. 36 day’s until July 5th- the most epic day of our summer. And our California dream trip. I seriously CANNOT wait!

And to Miss Maddy Jo-

Good luck tomorrow little chickling! You’ll need it. I hope you’ve been practicing walking across the stage so you don’t trip. I am so sincerely sorry that neither of us could be there to cheer you on in person like you were for us- but just know that we are cheering you on harder than ever from two continents!




I am sorry that I never got a chance to fully edit your pictures- but when I get back we can do some serious messing around with these babies!




I am crazed and amazed that you are graduating, because you are my baby sister, but am SO proud that you stuck it out and made the best of each day that you could and learned to love whatever was given to you! Thanks for bringing your personality to this family and for learning to love who you are!








Rock it this weekend! Have so much fun in Germany for me! Give a howdy to Anne Frank from me! See you soon!


Day 16- Prague by Day

Boy Howdy, do I love Prague!

This city is so unique because it is so well preserved. It has suffered no damage from any wars, and doesn’t have as much pollution gunk either.

Prague was the third largest city in the 1400’s (with Rome in the lead and Istanbul/Constantinople in second), and the city shows it. In the Old Town square there is over 10 centuries of architecture displayed. And let’s not forget that the real Prague is buried 6 meters below where it is now due to flooding.






See what I mean? History is gushing from this city!

We took a free walking tour around the city and learned some quirky legends and such.

This is called the Astronomical Clock. It is a clock- that is astronomically functioned (obviously) and tells the positioning of the planets as well as what zodiac it currently is, the time (an hour off because there was no Daylight Savings), and what Nameday it is. At each hour there is a show with the clock with figures that dance around it. The most interesting story about this clock is the maker. After completing and installing the clock, they blinded him to ensure that he would make this the only beautiful clock in the world. Unfortunately, he became so depressed he went to the clock, stuck his arm in the gears, and bled to death. Prague is a cheerful place.

We had an interesting group of people with us on our tour today. We met a couple from Munich who are originally from Provo. The wife and her sisters are the founders/creators of Moochie bags- the purses with the magnetic interchangeable covers, and she has been here running the business for about a year now. We also met some young backpackers, who always have the most interesting stories. One reason I love to travel so much is because you always meet the most fascinating people. A girl from Australia just finished at the ‘Uni’ and is traveling Europe and Asia for a year- she really enjoyed our chaco’s and didn’t know what Tom’s were. One student from London was traveling around for only 24 days, and there was another Australian who was about to start is PhD in Biochemistry and decided he’d travel from Beijing to Vienna first; with a pitstop in Salzburg for his cousin’s wedding. He’d be gone a total of 5 months. People are awesome!

We walked all over, and the tour lasted more than 3 hours. It is such a quirky place! There is so many things to say about this wonderful city, but I’ll just show you in pictures. Make sure to keep an eye out for the mummified hand (hung in a church to warn against theft- duh), and the crazy old lady that decided to come poke every man in our group in the middle of our tour. Hilarious to say the least.
































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