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combined canyon

I am so lucky to live near two beautiful canyons! I love Fall!


The lunch of an Aggie


Free Aggie ice cream for lunch : “two bowls please? ”

Happy Monday!

Sing us a song…

Domesticity is upon us.

One week in and February has already been a month of firsts; first time going grocery shopping since November 4th, first time buying laundry detergent (and proceeding to knocking it onto the floor), first time making cornbread and a cheese sauce, first time throwing a Superbowl party, first time baking anything in a crock-pot/casserole dish (enchilada’s-HIT!), first time developing film, first time printing one of my photo’s… see?  Lots of firsts.  But here is possibly my favorite first I’ve had yet…..


Now, I know that I don’t seem like ‘that’ type of person.  But let me tell you- this was tenfold what I was expecting. It was only the second week Pizza Pie Cafe was hosting Rock the Mic, and for a $5 entrance fee that included all you can eat pizza, salad, breadsticks, pasta, and dessert pizza?  WELL. WORTH. IT.  (And if you’re on a diet, you laugh/dance it all off anyway. Splurge a little.)  If you don’t believe me, I’ve put together a small taste of what our night was like (sorry for not embedding, for some reason it’s not working):


Jealous. I know you are. Now I only wish I had videoed the Asian’s trying to sing “Summer Love”, but I was focusing on trying not to fall off my chair from laughing so hard.

Thanks Pizza Pie. You may or may not be seeing me every Thursday for the rest of the semester.  It’s a good thing I don’t have classes on Friday’s.

You could say I’m now a Karaoke Convert.

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