A Call of my Own

Beginning this May, it will be two years since some of my best friends’ started to receive their calls to serve LDS Missions before we had even graduated High School.  At that point in time there was plenty exciting going on in my life, with graduation, a senior trip to Greece, becoming a USU Ambassador, and just the general transition from little to big.  Although I had so much going for me I always felt jealous of all my friends who got to go through the process of doing their mission papers, receiving their call, and just even the thought of taking off two years of real life for an adventure.  You could also say that I have just always hated being left behind.

Through several adventures and experiences over the last year (including spending a month by myself in Europe) I had already made the decision that I had wanted to serve a mission for the LDS church; it was just a matter of when I wanted to fit it into my life plans. Then October Conference happened, and it was an answer to so many different prayers on so many different levels.  I knew that my time to serve was immediately.  My goal was to receive my call before my older sister entered the Missionary Training Center (serving in the Finland Helsinki Mission) on Nov. 14th, and after several glitches that were put in my path I submitted my papers on Nov. 4th.  By Nov. 9th I had a call assigned, which was shocking that it happened that quickly with the increase of papers being submitted- we thought my call would miss my sister by one week.  Instead, we had it pulled from the Church Headquarters mailroom and picked it up after our last family dinner.

My mother was in denial, and immediately began freaking out that she didn’t have any paper to make a banner like we did for Kamille’s to surprise all our friends and family with when they came over to say goodbye to Kamille.  My Dad was anxious.  Kamille was beyond excited.  Maddy was feeling left out.  And me?  I was completely calm.

Last Family Dinner at the one and only China Platter.  Any major event in our life has been marked by this restaurant.

Last Family Dinner at the one and only China Platter. Any major event in our life has been marked by this restaurant.

Unbelievable.  IT'S HERE!

Unbelievable. IT’S HERE!


In the car after picking up my call.

In the car after picking up my call.

I couldn’t believe that it was HERE!  It was my time to find out what the next two years of my life held before me.  And it even made it here before we shipped Kamille off to Finland!  And I was 19 years old, and not 21.  So many Tender Mercies.  Because I wasn’t really expecting to open my call I hadn’t come up with what I wanted.  Instead of waiting for all of my friends and family to come over we decided we couldn’t stand it any longer so we opened it as soon as we walked through the door.

This is how it went down:

Was I expecting any of that?


Africa?  They send Sister’s there?  That moment of surprise is a moment that I will never forget.  Such a strong confirmation of what I was doing was the right plan for me.  After further investigations, I found out that due to safety Sisters’ only serve in the country of Botswana.

In disbelief.

In disbelief.


Thanks Roommate Brooke.

Thanks Roommate Brooke.

Half of the Roommate's reactions.

Half of the Roommate’s reactions.


My Mission Area- Northern South Africa & Botswana!

DSC_0077 IMG_0463

A banner of my own!

A banner of my own!


She was upset she didn't buy enough paper to spell Johannesburg.  Or South Africa.

She was upset she didn’t buy enough paper to spell Johannesburg. Or South Africa.

Hailee having a heart attack after I snapchat-ed her a photo of the envelope.  Sorry Hai.  It just had to be that way.

Hailee having a heart attack after I snapchat-ed her a photo of the envelope. Sorry Hai. It just had to be that way.

Both wishing it was Paris.

Shout out to this girl Hailee.  Serving in the France Paris Mission!

Cheers to the next 2 years of my life.. IN BOTSWANA!


(This is what pulls up when you Google Botswana.  Probably not the most accurate thing.)

I am so excited that I have this opportunity to preach the gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to the incredible people of Botswana, and for a time in Johannesburg.  I hope that I’ll be able to give them the gift of happiness that this gospel has given me throughout my life, and to bring them unto Christ and his teachings.

Cheers to the next 2 years of my life.. IN BOTSWANA!



Sister Kaitlyn Beth Clifford
South Africa, Johannesburg Mission
Reporting to the South Africa MTC April 4th, 2013

If you are interested in what I’ll be preaching check out this website: http://mormon.org/

If you are interested in how the LDS Church assigns these “Mission Calls” go to this link:


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4 thoughts on “A Call of my Own

  1. Jessica says:

    Ah! I love this, Kait. I just got butterflies in my stomach all over again. So exciting!!

  2. Wow, you look so happy and excited. God Bless.

  3. Yasmin says:

    Wait, are you going to South Africa or Botswana? Because those are two totally different countries.

    Johannesburg is in South Africa, and it’s where I live. So if you’re going to Johannesburg, you’re not going to be in Botswana. You’re going to be in South Africa.

    I mean, and I’m not saying this to be rude, but it’s like you said, “OMG I’m going to New York! I love Canada!”

    And I don’t even know what that picture of tribal Africans is even supposed to be about. Do you think you’re going into the bush here in Johannesburg?

    We have shopping malls, Makro (equivalent of Sam’s Club), McDonalds (it’s halal too so no bacon there, just macon), Game (equivalent of Walmart), Woolworths and Edgars (two large department stores), Mexican restaurants, steak houses, Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, banks, ATMs, churches, mosques, Hindu temples, women wearing niqab, women practically naked….

    Johannesburg is metropolitan, sprawling, urban, suburban, full of lekker food, and has a culture of its own.

    You won’t even be out of place here, since the Afrikaaners are white people who are usually quite blond. The only thing exotic about you will be your accent, that is all.

    Anyway, congrats? You’re getting two winters this year and no summer. Enjoy!

    • Hey Yasmin!

      Thank you for your congratulations! I am so excited to come live in your corner of the world.

      I was assigned to the South Africa Johannesburg Mission, which includes the Northern half of South Africa and the whole country of Botswana. In April I will be trained in Johannesburg for 3 weeks in the LDS Missionary Training Center, then after those 3 weeks I will be reassigned to an area within my mission. Hopefully I’ll be able to serve in both the metropolitan areas as well as in the more suburban and remote places of both countries.

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