1. Just blow your nose.  Don’t sit there and make disgusting sniffing noises
  2. Kick laziness in the buttox- Take the extra two seconds and close the microwave/cupboard/door.
  3. Dear stranger, plaid shorts and striped polos do NOT MATCH.
  4. The ‘g’ in going, saying, doing, etc. is there for a reason.  Use it.
  5. Milk has no e.  Let’s keep it that way.
  6. Pillow has no e either.  Let’s also keep it that way.
  7. Never ending, high pitched, squealing alarm clocks.
  8. I have no patience with those with no patience.  The irony.
  9. ‘Um’ and ‘Like’ should be banned in the english language.
  10. Weird lip noises.  Just don’t.
  11. The excessive use of ‘so’ and ‘basically’ in a sentence.
  12. Unnecessary panting.  Way to liken yourself unto a dog.

… to be continued.  Or ongoing.


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