Day 6- Doing as the Viennese do

We began our day with a visit to the largest (and most expensive) Grocery Store in Austria- Julius Meinel.  By the end of the trip it was a name I knew well.  Everything had the COOLEST labels and was organized up the wazoo.  Just like the rest of Austria.  I tried my first ever Almdudler, a traditional Austrian soda drink; it’s a lot like a sparkling apple cider.  It wasn’t half bad- but the can was beyond adorable!

From there we continued on to the Museum Quarters.  The Museum Quarters- where the ‘coolest’ of ‘cool’ in Vienna hang out.  And we were hanging with the best of them. The MQ is the hippest and most artsy place in all of Vienna.  Everything is extremely modern and hip.  Needless to say that I was in design HEAVEN.  It took all of us awhile to look through the shops and re-congregate; and by the time we all found each other chilling in the courtyard we were all tired and ended up just observing and sketching for close to two hours.  Eventually we decided to go hit up the photobooth, which was one of the smartest ideas we had yet- trying to fit all 7 of us in there was quite the challenge.  we then decided that lunch would be a good idea, so the lovely Thain family treated us to a nice lunch at a delicious MQ cafe.  

After we had had a good eat, we thought that it might be a good idea to actually go do what we came to do- enter into the museums.  Because of time restraints, we voted that we should only go into the Mumok, or the modern art exhibit, and come back another day to see the Leopold.  I did not understand anything at the Mumok.  But I got to see my first ever ANDY WARHOL.   For some reason he has been one of my favorite artists since I was child, I even wrote a poem about one of his paintings in my AP English class.  Totally worth seeing the giant cardboard toilet and outlet plugs.

Lori and I had arranged to meet up with our slacklining buddies Fabian, Fabian, and Flo after our MQ experience.  I was determined to make it across the entire line.  This time around they brought a buddy they had just met- Dominque.  He was beautiful.  And I will track him down, make him fall in love with me, and marry me.  That may or may not be a threat.  They are such great boys and were so interesting to talk to!  They don’t drink or party and are all in medical and law school.  I wish we had longer in Vienna to get to know them better!  We had some great conversations about music, American life, religion, our Universities, and so much more.  We found out that not only were they pro slackliners, but that they also were on the gymnastic team at the Uni’s, and were professional parkour-ist’s and were about to go to Salzburg to film a video.  Kinda legit.

The typical scene of Slacklining in Stadt Park.

Yup. I got the tongue going.

FWe had decided to make it a goal to attend church while we were there, but weren’t able to make it. Once we found out there was a running institute, we knew that we had to go check it out.  We had Fabian help us call the Institute building for help on directions, and to let them know we were coming.  They were THRILLED!  The building was somewhere we had yet to ventured, but we felt confident enough in our skills that we could find it.  We did with nothing but a little hitch.  Upon our entrance, we were flooded with warm welcomes and handshakes.  I had never felt so loved and comforted!  I love that the church is the same around the world- I had never felt so at home in another country.  Brother and Sister Zagg (they once lived in North Salt Lake.. and were AGGIES!) had even prepared wait for it.. sloppy joes.  Oh to eat American Food again.  We spent dinner talking with about 15 other Young Single Adults from all over the world.  After dinner there was an English lesson, with the subject focus of Faith, then we played signs (which I failed at miserably).  I came to the conclusion that Vienna has the most beautiful members.  Especially when they were brawny policemen.

So comforting- how could you not love coming to Institute?

Once again- I found these snails on the institute board. It’s like I belong in Austria or something.

Brother and Sister Zagg.

A drawing of the Bountiful temple.. in Vienna. The world doesn’t get smaller than that!


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