Called to Serve…

My older sister is pretty neat.


So maybe super neat.  Possibly even Brilliantly Neato.  She’s quite the adventurer.  6 weeks in Uganda, 6 months in Taiwan, and 2 weeks in Hong Kong and Thailand.  Not too shabby ‘eh?  But last week the biggest adventure thus far was officially determined- and we couldn’t be more THRILLED.

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, going on ‘missions’ is encouraged for the young-adults of the church.  Through Kamille’s experience in Taiwan she decided that going to serve the Lord was what she was supposed to do next.  After a long and complicated process of putting in her papers in Asia, her call was supposedly on the way.  Her arrival back into the US also meant that any day (well, we’d expect a Wednesday..) her call could jump out of the mailbox.  The only problem?  My parents weren’t exactly on this continent at the estimated time of arrival.  So we had a plan to let her do whatever she wanted with it.

So, when I walked in from work one afternoon to Kamille reading what seemed to be a large packet with a picture of a baptism in front, it obviously could only be one thing-                                           THE CALL.

You could say it was one of the more awkward and uncomfortable situations I’ve faced in my kitchen. It was an inner battle of “Do I ask her?  Should I pretend I didn’t notice her shoving it under her backpack with wide eyes?  Does she want to talk about it?  What in the heck is going on, I just want my nutella!”  Eventually, she explained the sitch.

Her call had been there for a week, and hid it as to not be tempted to open it without our parents.  One week couldn’t kill, right? WRONG. But she still didn’t open it…. until she received a SECOND smaller envelope in the mail a week later.  Now, any straight-minded person would be at least somewhat concerned as to what the second envelope contained.  So naturally, she pulled it out of the mailbox and BAM right through the envelope she saw in big letters “********,*******”; which led her to an extremely hard decision as to whether or not she she tell my sister and I to help surprise the parents, or to wait and tell us all together.  She broke, and and told us where she would be serving for the next 18 months come November 21st, 2012.  She videoed our reactions, but considering I am hysterically sobbing into my palms for the majority of it, I think I’ll pass every posting that baby to the internet.

The next step was deciding how to tell my parents.  It was absolute KILLER not being able to tell anyone for 24 hours, but it just made telling my parents all the sweeter!  If the church knew how many people we had to lie to about her call… I think they’d revoke it.  Our original plan was to have a display with native items and the flag to her country, but after our parents caught a flight that got in 5 hours earlier we decided to surprise them as they came down baggage claim.  However, my Dad  was the first to come down and completely surpassed us; until he heard my mother squealing from the top of the escalator and basically jumping over the poor bystanders.  Seriously one of my favorite memories of my family of all time.  Unfortunately, I got too preoccupied and the video isn’t the greatest.  But I had never been so thrilled for my sister and to see my parents so shocked and confused but completely overwhelmed with joy at the same time.  It rocked.

Soon after the baggage was picked up, the car loaded, and many squeals/hugs/tears were shed in the middle of the Salt Lake City baggage claim we were on our way dinner.  Where Kamille informed us that she couldn’t hold it in any longer and that she had invited friends and family over to surprise them with the exciting news.. in an hour.  Great planning, Koke.  It all turned out great and i’ve never enjoyed watching people’s reactions as much as I did that night. But who could blame them?!  Her call is so unbelievingly random, yet so crazingly perfect.

So where is she going?

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One thought on “Called to Serve…

  1. Jessica says:

    Pretty sure that is THE best opening-of-call-and-revealing-to-family story I’ve ever heard. Congrats to Kamille! What a wonderful missionary she’ll be!! Finland is lucky to be getting her! 🙂

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