Day 11 Con’t- The Capitol of Awkward

After a long, and extremely tiring day trying to make sure we didn’t die in Bratislava, all I wanted was a nice Burrito. Heck, anything that was a Schnitzel sounded like heaven. We got back to our Hostel by 7:40, and set out to find a meal.

There was NOTHING that we haven’t already eaten close to our hostel. Eventually we found a little pub tucked away with a good menu with suitable prices.

From the beginning it was terribly awkward. And we thought there was a language barrier in Bratislava. The sloppy, overweight, non-english speaking waiter confusingly took our orders and we sat, still very confused and loopy, waiting what seemed like an eternity to get our food. Until we had a drunk? German man come and start rambling off to us. We thought he was telling us that we weren’t allowed to be there, that we all had to order drinks, that he had reserved the room, or that he was just crazy. He just kept speaking in German while we gave him completely blank looks. A few minutes later he arrived with an iced bucket with Champagne in it and 6 glasses. Uhhh… AWKWARD. He insisted on staying until we drank it, but we tried explaining that none of us drank. Complicated x 978. Too add to the complication, a Saudi Arabian headed over to try and interpret- then never left. There was a few things in his system that made it for an interesting night. He smoked at least 8 cigarettes while asking us 7 times what we were doing here in Austria. The champagne man angrily grabbed the bucket and walked away in a fluster.

It was a dinner that seemed like it would never end. The worse part? The food wasn’t even that good.



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