Day 5- Vienna Woods

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

-TS Eliot
Shout out to A.Dopp for the super cool quotes! Lovin this travel journal!

Remember how we were going to have an adventure and go to church? Did’t quite work out as well as we planned- but we did however listen to some nice Michael Dowdle while getting ready.

Instead we spent our Sunday exploring. Exploring what, you may ask.
Here is the answer:



Sometimes, all you need is a little hike through an ancient forest. Cool thing about this forest? The Habsburg’s used it for hunting from early in their reign (approx. 1300 AD), and have kept it virtually pristine since.

We took the U4 to the last stop and then ventured up the windy hills on an extremely packed bus. I loved seeing all the Austrians- young and old- getting al dolled up to go spend some time in the mountains and get some fresh air. There were several old couples on our bus, and we even ran into an older couple who had brought their mother(?) up with her wheelchair. She was so adorable, and insisted walking while pushing her own chair with a huge grin on her face. When I grow up and get old, I want to be an old Austrian lady. Beyond classy.

Of course after hiking we were starving (…when are we not?) and found this winner of a restaurant:


Adorable. I know. I’m not sure exactly what I ordered, but the closest thing I can describe to it is a McDonald’s hashbrown with an overload of garlic in it. It was awesome for the first patty, but after that it was too overbearing. One thing the Austrian’s do well is letting you have a very leisurely meal, allowing you to just sit and relax before, during, and after. We sat overlooking a beautiful meadow with children (and one dog) playing soccer. Eventually a tourist joined in and played with the kids.

On our way off the mountain we opted out of the overcrowded buses and chose to walk through the town. I was close to tears- this town was the most adorable, classy, chic, rustic, and classic Austrian town I’d ever been in. And my first. The roofs, flower boxes, window bars, shutters, doors, facades, stucco work, cobblestones, street signs, and everything else were so picturesque. It made me beyond excited for Salzburg and St. Gilgen in two weeks!


Overall, I was told we hiked/walked 8 miles. It was awesome- and I totally recommend it to anyone who visits Vienna! And the best way to end the day?


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