Blood Battle 2012: Kaitlyn vs.”The Hag”

*Caution: This a graphic tale*

The setting @ 10:50 PM/ 22:50:

You have to repush the water button every minute, and every five minutes the light sensor goes off.

For those of you who know me even semi-well, you’d know that I hate shaving more than almost anything. Now imagine me trying to shave my lengthy legs in that closet- pretty humorous right? New player: brand new disposable razor. OUCH. This caused for some lovely razor burn and serious cuts, so much so that it was nothing but blood going down the drain.

Just a nice collage of 4 of the 9 cuts. This allowed for some pretty awesome sporting of the band-aids.

I had nothing but a towel to stop the bleeding, and there was nothing in the shower so I decided I’d try and wait it out in the shower until some of the bleeding slowed down.

The door is viciously being tried to be opened up
(Okay, so as far as I know, it wasn’t swear words. But it was all in German (?) so it was the same to me)

My reaction:
“Uhhhh… I’m bleeding to death, maybe they’ll just go away. If they’re waiting for a shower the other one is open.”

Foreign Angry Person:
-for a very ear blasting 3 minutes

My second reaction:
“Who the heck do they think they are? People are sleeping! I guess I should get out and try not to get the floor too bloody and see if there is a fire or something.”

I then proceed to get dressed (just a shirt, my legs were too bloody to get anything on) and open the door. Let’s pause for a moment to use our imaginations: imagine the ugliest, frumpiest, typical old German lady/Hag you have ever imagined. Take it down one notch, and is what greeted me at the door in a great nightie.

something in German while points to a non-existent watch”

“is she seriously getting mad at me for showering at 11:20 in a youth hostel?”
I idiotically point to my towel covered legs as I make a nice puddle of blood on the tiled floor trying to explain that obviously I was having some issues.

points to my legs, says something in German, laughs at my legs (not really, but I know she wanted to), keeps pointing at her watch and yelling at me in German. Then spits at me and goes into the room next to the shower.”

“Band-aids sounds nice.”
48 hours later- and I’m still totally and utterly confused as to what she was yelling at me for, and why she woke up all the rooms in our area to do it.

Stupid Hag. Stay in your cave.

I may have not showered since because of pure fright.


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