Day 4- Survival of the Fittest

Today was the longest day. We woke up early to go hit up this lovely baby:


And got home late so we could visit this crazy place:


In between we stopped to eat a total of 0 times in 10 hours- a record. But that’s because we were too busy looking at Monet, Van Gough, and Klimt in the Belvedere- which easily rivals Versailles. I LOVED it! All I could imagine were ladies with hips wider than doorways and wigs larger than a lamp strolling with parasols and little dogs running around. Not only is it an incredible palace, but an extremely well rounded art museum. It was definitely one of my favorite museum’s I have ever been too. Going through these exhibits as an Art Major totally brought a new light to it; I’ve learned so much these past semester and I’m so grateful I get to study Art abroad and use it for the rest of my education! Klimt’s The Kiss was a lot cooler than I was expecting, and I really ended up loving it! (I would totally post a picture stolen via Google, but since I’m blogging on an ipad I’m limited to what I can do 😦 ) We even ran into a few weddings while we were there!


Previous to going to the Belvedere we spent close to 4 hours in the Nasch Flea Market.
it basically was a giant market full of DI treasures. Heaven :). I felt like I had been training my whole life to bargain my way through the entire market. Here are my purchases for 42 Euro:


I bought some of them as gifts- but I think I may have gotten too attached to them throughout the day. This camera? 10 Euro. INCREDIBLE. I am so obsessed. And these Opera Binoculars? Not really an item I was looking for, but I loved them and this nice Australian man threw them in with the postcards for a cheap price. He even said this nice little story of how they found them in the Vienna Opera House; like I actually believed that one. The coral ring I got from a man from Afghanistan. There were some incredible things there, as well as some interesting people!


One of the best stories of the day:


There I was- taking a nice typical tourist picture in Karlsplatz, when suddenly two beautiful European men appear and put their arms around me, look at my camera, kill the world with their smile, and walk away. I. LOVE. EUROPE.

Later we kept seeing a few more random sights, and then headed over to the Prater for a much needed meal. First Palashintke (German crepe) of the trip! We then walked the streets of this incredible amusement park. The girls even rode this sky-scraper of a swing ride, but thanks to my stomach I was a no-goer. I forgot how lovely Amusement Parks were at night, and this one was especially great because you pay by the ride.


There is a reason this photo looks so dreamy…

Vienna has officially won a large chunk of my heart, this is seriously the ideal place in Europe for me. Everyday I am so astonished at the beauty and cleanliness this city has. It is unique in how well-rounded it truly is. I don’t know if I can ever leave! Wien 4-ever!




I wish I had the energy to tell every detail of what happened on this hilarious day, but we have another early morning for church! It should be quite the adventure getting there on our own, but we are quite ready for an adventure. After that we'll be checking out the Vienna Woods.

Gutten Nacht!


2 thoughts on “Day 4- Survival of the Fittest

  1. Jas says:

    Kaitlyn! This all looks FABULOUS! You look like you fit in SO well over there. 🙂 Hope you continue to have a wonderful time! I love reading your stories and seeing your pictures.

  2. Allie says:

    I’m dying. Literally you know that feeling when you are dropping on the rocket or the tower of terror. and you think is my stomach in my brain now? I’m not on my seat? O my goodness so this is flying! Yep those are the emotions i’m experiencing while reading your blog. (not going to lie you lost me at didn’t eat for 10 hours straight, never do that again in Europe Kaitlyn!! Art, Shmart, Go eat pastry.) But I think it was somewhere between Pictures of antique treasures and European men blessing your camera that my heart exploded. SO HAPPY FOR YOU…. and SO SO JEALOUS xoxo

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