Day 2- A Day with the Habsburgs


This, my friends, is the Hofburg Palace. Center of Vienna since before the Medieval Ages and home to the longest reigning dynasty this world has ever known- the Habsburg family. Some more famous Habsburg include Maria Theresa, Marie Antoinette, Franz Josef, and Elizabeth (Sissy).

We begin our tour in a vast 29 room maze of nothing but the Imperial Silver collection. Plates, spoons, oyster forks, soup ladles, chargers, centerpieces, candelabra’s, knives, butter dishes, more plates, floral dishes, teacups, saucers, copper pots and pans- basically anything that was set in a table within a mile of the Habsburg’s was kept and placed in this exhibit.


So educational.

Next we continue on through the newest and most popular exhibit- the Sissy Museum. Sissy, was the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph in the 1860’s. She was known for her life-lasting beauty and incredible 20 in. waist. While living, she was hated and highly criticized, but after being assassinated while abroad she became a martyr, icon, and idol; and has continued to be the fascination of Austria even still today.

This exhibit included her death mask, replica of dresses and jewelry, gloves, original paintings, recipes, receipts, letters, shoes, parasols- everything and anything that can help explain her story. After being forced to marry her cousin at 16, she lived a long life of misery trying to stay out of the limelight. It’s actually quite a cute love story, and we now have great plans to create a Hollywood hit with it.

Right as you come out of the Sissy exhibits you head straight into the Imperial Apartments and get a taste of life as a Habsburg. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed in these last two exhibits.









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