Day 1- We have arrived!

Today I discovered a new superpower that I have…

I can sleep anywhere, and through anything.

My trip total was about 14 hours, and I slept for a good 11 hours of it.

Just a little shot of my view. It was a colorful plane, with bright red flight attendants.

My flight left SLC at 9:30 AM, and we had a nice little stopover in Washington DC for a bit, then headed straight on to Vienna. I literally got on, fell asleep, woke up for dinner and watched “We Bought a Zoo” and woke up at landing.

After taking a taxi into the city, we walked around and explored in the rain for awhile- SO.COOL. I love it here! But sadly, I feel as if I’m living in the clips of the Nazi’s occupying Vienna. That’s all I can think of as I walk around, I even swore some men in uniforms drove past us. I know, it’s terrible. Best part so far? There are pizza/kebab/gyro and bakeries every four stores. Literally. We also trespassed strolled into a ‘high school’ and observed student life for a bit.

Now here are some arrival day thoughts:
-Hostels are neat. You find super cool people.
-You just meet super cool people traveling, not just in Hostels.
-I’m beyond grateful to my parents for raising me to be so well traveled. We’re traveling with a first-timer, and you could say it’s been a little stressful.
-German is similar to read in English, but speaking it is an entirely different ballpark.
-sleep. sleep sleep



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