Baby Animal Days-uncensored

How cute can they be?

Even if I did drop my baby duck, it was still such a great time and I got over many of my fears of animals.  The pictures of the horses and myself are a prime example.  The group I was with was hilarious, which helped.  Turns out, I don’t love animals, and they don’t love me.  But it was part of an awesome day, which turned out to be extremely long- and TOTALLY WORTH IT!

I was able to help volunteer at a charity 5k/concert/raffle/silent auction/etc.. all day today for a former Ambassador, Tessa who is now battling cancer for a third time.  It was so incredible to see people from all over come to help support.  The entire day was’COLORS‘ themed, including a chalk throwing 5k!  I can’t even describe to you the actions of love and support that happened while planning this, there are so many.  I was there from 7-4:30, and was put in charge of collecting the money for the silent auction and  donations, which really intimidated me at first.  But I was so humbled by the people of the area that it made it easy to do my job!  It was such a great day!  Check out Tessa’s incredible story:


Today is a day I will never forget!


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