Welcome to the club, Lauren!

Hey Lauren!

So, my name is Kaitlyn Beth Clifford.  And I get to be your Freshman Ambassador buddy for the rest of the year!  I don’t know if you are quite prepared as to what you really are getting yourself into.  Or how incredibly, extremely, and irreversibly jealous I am of you!  Although I wouldn’t trade this past year for anything in the entire world, I would also give anything to do it one more time.  Here is just some previews of what you can expect this year:

You get assigned some pretty crazy stuff to do...


Be prepared to scoop. But really, I'd start practicing.

Inside Jokes. Lots of them.

Late night planning meetings that slowly turn to heart to hearts.


Good times, and good food.

PARTIES!!! (happy valentines!)

Planning Events- ALE, UAE... so much fun!


Memorizing endless USU facts, then having to take a killer test on them. *I'd start studying now...

Awkward Family Photo's at Parties. (Great Gatsby-CRAZY!)

An Automatic 20 new best friends you'll have for life, and 100 others that you will see over campus.. ALL THE TIME!


Although I just have pictures of us playing, contrary to contrary belief, we work like crazy!  But, work easily turns into play with this job.  I don’t think I can stress enough how much this experience has changed my life, or how much being a representative of USU means to me.  Sometimes it gets stressful and overwhelming with all that you need to do, but you just have to take a step back and remember that out 600 kids you were chosen because the Professionals knew that you could handle it and excel in whatever you put your hand too.  Seriously, you are in for the time of your LIFE!!!!!  Make the most of every moment… and most of all…



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