The Day I made Pinterest Proud


Today would be it.

Today would be the day I would make Pinterest Proud.

How.  How does one do this?  It’s a simple wide-known fact that women rarely actually do anything they pin.  Well today, I did.

I know what you’re thinking.  How is this making Pinterest proud? If anything it is disgracing it by the awkward photo, messy room, and lack of any crafty hints around.  Well, this L.O.V.E.L.Y. sweater that I am donning is from none other than Urban Outfitters.  I bought it in Vegas, during Spring Break. 5 sweaters for $54?!  BEST DEAL EVER. But that’s a different story.  Most impressive part?  I pinned this sweater last fall.  AND NOW I OWN IT.

Now before 10:37 PM, I had a rocking fishtail braid with perfect wisps, and some pretty great eyeshadow going for not wearing real make-up for months.  Still, I had a super great day, so photobooth and I had a photoshoot.

I love Tuesday’s.


One thought on “The Day I made Pinterest Proud

  1. Jessica says:

    hahahahaha this totally just made my day!! hahaha you’re cute. 🙂

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